Employer Etiquette


Employer Etiquette is how you conduct yourself in your capacity as an employer to your employees

Be respectful to your employees. Do not play favourites with any of them or you will quickly lose the respect of the rest of them

If an employee disagrees with you, hear them out. Give them your full attention. You may learn something useful from them. You will certainly get a different perspective on the subject.

This is an excellent opportunity to test your skill at handling the disagreement with tact and sensitivity. Never be dismissive or invalidate your employee's point of view. Do not trivialise their opinion

Get to know your employees; remember what they tell you about themselves. Keep notes to help your memory if necessary

Be sure to know their names

Respect what is told to you in confidence

Introduce new employees to their co-workers and have proper indoctrination procedures in place to make them feel welcome and useful from the start

Tell them what you expect of them

Let them get on with it

Help them when they need it

Tell them how they are doing

Reward and encourage them

Give them adequate training

Give them credit for their contribution

Do not take them for granted

Don't 'snoopervise' (snooping supervision)

Deal with employee grievances promptly and fairly. Do NOT trivialise them

Even though you pay your employees, show them that they are appreciated

Even though you are the boss, good etiquette requires that you keep your interruptions to a minimum and always apologise if your intrusion is an interruption to their concentration, a discussion or other activity

Dress smartly as an example to your employees

NEVER arrive at work drunk, smelling of alcohol on under the influence of drugs